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While some autistics are gifted (often in music or math), they may be utterly baffled by the nuances of small talk and eye contact. Imagine a first date—never a breeze for any of us—with those limitations."I hear a lot of loneliness, sadness and fear among the autistic adults I meet," says Stephen Shore, author of and an internationally recognized expert on autism who has the disorder himself.The challenge is especially great when your search for friends is narrowed to individuals that share similar Christian beliefs and values.With the development of online chat rooms, that challenge has been slimmed down to almost nothing!Chat rooms are a popular place to visit and get acquainted with Christians from all parts of the globe.People can meet together and chat in real-time without having to spend a fortune calling long distance.

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  1. Local chat can be a very pleasing experience where you can meet locals, however keep in mind not everyone online has the best intentions. If you are looking for a fun place to chat then give us a try today with no obligation to you.