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Vranec translates to Black Stallion, which describes both the color as well as the taste of the grape pretty well.

The wine has a deep, intense red color, and the taste is also strong, spicy and with a hint of berries and plum.

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A single-day record of 7,000 Syrian refugees crossed on Monday into Macedonia, a small and relatively poor former Yugoslav republic.

German minister of state for Europe Michael Roth told the same newspaper that Germany expected countries to register migrants who entered the EU over their borders, but that fences were not the right approach.

v=wz XKVp8g6Oc&feature=Macedonian wine production dates back to some 4000 years ago."We must build a Europe where we protect freedom and guarantee security, but where there is no place for either fences or walls," Roth said.Also on Thursday, Romania's president says there is "no way" his country will accept the extra number of migrants the European Commission has proposed.Over 160,000 migrants have entered Hungary from the south this year, transiting Greece, Macedonia and Serbia in that order from war-torn or impoverished countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.Almost all seek to reach wealthier western and northern European Union states like Germany and Sweden.

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