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Tacher bay sxce

If you have a Master's degree or relevant experience, you may receive additional compensation.Corps members can expect to incur roughly 0 in testing fees; however, this cost can fluctuate depending on the credential area.At UWGB, thousands of students compete in intramural sports, go to concerts, or volunteer in the community, and the list goes on. This is a big decision and we have help if you need it!If you don’t have a major picked out yet, it’s okay.Our teachers can teach lessons provided by your teachers or arrive prepared with their own lessons.We know that your students are your top priority and our qualified teachers are ready to meet your needs.

2018 are encouraged to attend one of the following information sessions.

We also realize that schools have to manage their costs.

That’s why we offer half or full day options to provide you the flexibility you need.

Corps members are employees of school districts across a variety of communities in the Bay Area.

The range in salary reflects the differences in cost of living within these communities.

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We think teachers are some of the best people around.