Autostarts widget updating

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Autostarts widget updating

Edit: If you don`t get it working anyway, use original widget by mamaich to get root, download files connect trough ftp to /mtd_rwcommon/moip/engines/Skype/ and replace. Rename previously downloaded Samy to Samy and reinstall it to TV. showtopic=215405&view=findpost&p=28529735: 3.1.2 Ad-Free Link2SD ( #28267816): 3.1.2 Link2SD ( #27638164): 3.1.1 AD-Free Link2SD ( #27270250): 3.1.1 Link2SD ( #27211266): 3.1 Link2SD ( #27149068): 3.0.1 // 3.0 Link2SD ( #27012334): 2.4.10 Link2SD ( #25546048): 2.2.3 Rus Link2SD ( #17076687): 2.4.9 // 2.4.9.apk: 2.4.8 Link2SD ( #25359979): 2.4.7 Link2SD ( #25333763): 2.4.6 // 2.4.6.apk: 2.4.4 // v2.4.4.apk: 2.4.3 Link2SD ( #22040588): 2.4.2 // v2.4.2 .apk: 2.4.1 Link2SD ( #21248275): 2.4 // 2.3 // v2.3.apk: 2.2.3 Link2SD 2.2.3.apk: 2.2.2 Link2SD_v2.2.2.apk: 2.2.1 // 2.2 /Link2SD_v2.2: 2.1.2 // 2.1.1 link2sdv211.apk: 2.1 Link2SD_v2.1.apk: 2.0.4 // Link2SD_1.apk: 1.9.13 // 1.9.12 // 1.9.10 // Because the FAT file system (FAT16, FAT32 or ex FAT) does not support UNIX (POSIX compliant) file ownership or permissions and will cause a security breakdown of app\'s private files.Link2SD_2.apk: 2.0.3 // Link2SD.apk: 1.9.9 // 1.9.8 // 1.9.7 // 1.9.6 // 1.9.3 // 1.8.0 // 1.7.0 // 1.6.1 // 1.6.0 RUS // Link2SD_1.6.0.apk: 1.6.0 // 1.5.1 // 1.4.2 // 2.2 (Froyo) Google apps2SD. On devices that have emulated SD card, external data and obb files are actually located on the internal storage.I am trying to implement a simple widget for display on the home screen.The problem I am experiencing is that on Update is only being called once when I install the widget. Note: I will not leave update period at 20 secs as I know that would kill battery (just testing). It's not working "out-of-the-box" as native apps2sd, you need to root your device and create a second partition on your SD card yourself. Or you can use a computer to create it;on Windows there are some free partition manager applications such as "Mini Tool Partition Wizard Home Edition", "Ease US Partition Master Home" etc. Thus each app you install will still have some data on the internal storage so you can still potentially fill up your internal storage even if you are moving all of your apps over. And, disadvantage is that, obviously, it requires root privilege and a second partition on your SD card. If you have a custom recovery installed (Clockwork Mod or Amon Ra) on your phone you can use it to create a second partition on your SD card. But when I install a new app I see reduction on the internal storage even if the app is linked. Link2SD does not link application's private data files that are located in /data/data directory, they remain in the internal storage.

I have FW 2006.0 and a UE40ES7000 (made to 7090 with EU_GER) And I tried desperately to connect via FTP but without success...

Third party widgets are updated only on phone reboot.

During normal use they won't refresh data until the phone is turned off and restarted again.

ed2 Exactly the same problem with almost the same setup...

( i have tried downgrade the Firmware (E-Series Firmware Downgrade (Samy GO Proof of Concept) ) no function (dns error) i have a ue40es7090 with Firmware 2005.

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