Carla gugino dating history

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Carla gugino dating history

(Huff Po) These new photos from the final season of Sons of Anarchy are unsettling & appropriately so.

(EW) Once again, Justin Bieber was barely held back by his paid security when he tried to crush someone’s personal property.

If there’s a single word to describe the women who populate the films of Zack Snyder, it’s “strength”.

Valkyries of the battlefield; etherealism sharpened to a knife’s edge, fearsome and unforgiving in their glory.

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When the role, which was originally a guest-star part in the pilot, became a series regular, her mother was hesitant to let her continue."My mom wanted us to stay kids so [we weren't allowed to audition for] pilots or feature films," she says.

In Snyder’s cinematic world, women are victims who seek to overcome their own victimhood through acts of vengeance. The fantastical action sequences that litter its run-time are Snyder’s purest form of spiritual empowerment; but it’s empowerment that services these women entirely in the overcoming of the brutal, daily sexual assault and humiliation they face in their own realities.

The characters of , Queen Gorgo, Sally Jupiter, and Artemisia are all rape survivors.

Cynically, it’s easy merely to decry it all as B-movie shocks or at worst, grotesque titillation.

(TMS) The so-called directors of Captain America 3 are talking about Hawkeye appearing in a Black Widow-esque role. (Slashfilm) Everyone’s talking about Michael Keaton being a lock for an Oscar nom in Birdman.

They strategically make no mention of Winter Soldier. Ahead of tonight’s Venice premiere, here are some snaps from the film’s photocall. (Us) History’s most amazing lie isn’t what the Devil said in The Usual Suspects.

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