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The Cardston Alberta Temple is a historic Alberta landmark that stands on elevated ground in the center of Cardston.Founded by Mormon settlers in 1887, the small community lies just 15 miles north of the U.S.-Canada border on southern Alberta's fertile plains.

And I understand that once things get going, wants become needs. I've a stepsister with three kids from three different daddies. I remember how unbelievably attracted I was to my husband while we were dating (still am, don't get President Kimball and those who worship his words and works are very much focused on sex, sex by itself and sex as a sin. To think that it could never happen to you is a major error of gigantic proportions. It can happen to you, to Bishops, to stake Presidents or anyone who places themselves in such a position. I remember clearly a visiting general authority counseling the bishops in my stake to never interview a woman in the ward alone in the building, and to not give women or young ladies rides somewhere alone. If you have good parents, they may have similar or other rules like these. If a dating partner is not willing to follow these rules or thinks they are too strict, DROP THEM FLAT! Don't say to yourself, "Boy do I know so-and-so who needs these rules." The rules are for you! Now these are not all of the rules we might follow in dating. It is virtually impossible to set them in the middle of a passion-filled night. If you want the help of the Lord and his blessings, follow his counsel. DO NOT THINK THAT YOU ARE THE EXCEPTION TO THESE RULES. On cold winter days, after interviewing a young lady in the Institute building, I would drive back to work and pass her on the road as she walked back to the dorm. Don't ever think, "Oh, I would never do that so it is okay if I go into an apartment alone, or park, or whatever." This is an open invitation to Satan to prove you wrong! The biggest error of all is to think that you are an exception to one of these rules. To go on a date without a plan may sound harmless, or even exciting, but it can lead to trouble very easily. Set the stops now while your minds are clear and unhampered by emotions. even for what may seem to be the best young man or woman you have ever known!

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The Cardston Alberta Temple was the first temple whose design was put out to bid to prominent architects.