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Posted by / 27-Jul-2017 17:03

When you have balances on several different credit cards, paying them off can be a long, challenging process.

It's hard to make progress paying off your debt when you have to split your payments between say, seven different accounts.

In fact, some of our investors were also borrowers at one point and chose to consolidate their personal loans into one low interest monthly payment. And since Prosper offers access only to unsecured loans, you need not own your home for debt consolidation.

We are a nation of people in debt, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

It’s tempting to pay off all those credit card debts with a new loan, then make just one monthly payment. Most consumers who use bill consolidation or take out debt consolidation loans end up throwing good money after bad.

They usually build an even more towering mountain of debt in just a few years because they didn’t change their spending habits.

Replace your credit card debt with a consolidation loan through Prosper, where your interest rate won’t change and your loan principal gets paid down as you make fixed monthly payments.

At Prosper, we understand the importance of maintaining the best credit score possible.

A low credit limit doesn't have to stop you from doing a balance transfer.

Bill consolidation is the process of combining multiple credit accounts into one loan.

It provides the convenience of requiring just one monthly payment of the borrower.

Wouldn't it be easier to just pay one bill and take care of all your credit card debt?

You can consolidate debt by combining your debt payments and pay off your debt quicker.

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There are several different ways you can consolidate debt on your own without paying a debt consolidation company.

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