Dating a thai woman etiquette

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Palms and fingers are pressed flat together, fingers pointing up; the higher they are held, the greater the respect, with fingertips touching the top of the forehead forming the most respectful wai.

Main roads get referred by the name, like Sukumvit and Silom, while the small side alleys jutting out of these roads are called is clearer than just giving the street name and address number.

It is tradition that a woman brings at least one chaperone but as the relationship progresses you may find yourself going out with her and 2-3 of her friends on a regular basis. There is nothing that women from Thailand like more than dining out.

Although true, there are several cool places to visit in the country that she probably has not even seen so do your research and pick a fun and exciting location.

First-time visitors are sure to make a few laughable mistakes; read below carefully in order to avoid the more offensive faux pas.

Thais greet each other with a graceful bow called a wai.

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With their beauty comes a lot of tradition, culture, and social etiquette.