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In addition to the full ‘Stay’ album, it also includes the hits ‘Fairground’, ‘Money’s Too Tight To Mention’ and ‘Stars’. Simply Red have today announced a third date, October 28th 2017 for the annual Symphonica in Rosso music event.As promised, Mick will be bringing some of his best-loved songs to be accompanied by a 40-piece symphony orchestra and special guests.

The problem with a lot of the tourist types is they often are kids from Spain, Italy, etc, that are real lightweights and get super stoned in the coffeeshops and then stare off into space like zombies.

But new research shows that it is now perceived as a very positive thing indeed.

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam believe the reason for the change in women's attitudes is that they now see divorce as a sign that a man can commit (albeit not for ever).

Women are also growing increasingly impatient with the crop of younger men who prefer to date a series of women they meet online rather than settle down with one woman they love.

They also feel heartened if a man is already a father — not least because there is living proof of his fertility.

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