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Dating costume jewelry

It is not however consigned to a museum but this jewellery can still be worn and seen today.

Many materials were used including rock crystal, pinchbeck, hair, garnets, coral, Berlin Iron, ivory, velvet, cut steel, glass, pearls, enamel, as well as precious diamonds, gold and silver.

To be entered onto the National Register of Historic Places, for example, a building must be at least fifty years old.

Most jewelry book authors tend to consider anything dating before the 1930s as antique.

In this period makers of jewellery across the world would exchange their ideas and improve on them.

The trombone clasp, patented in Europe in 1850, was named after the musical instrument as it had a tube with a round top. These were used in the latter half of the 19th century into the 1950s, mostly by European jewelers.With the piece identified in adverts, brochures or fully hallmarked will give an exact date.This 114 year period was a celebration of jewellery and of design and craftsmanship.Costume jewelry is usually defined as beginning in the 1930s, although this is a bit misleading.It is true that cheap, disposable jewelry meant to be worn with specific outfits or costumes began to appear in great quantities in the 1930s.

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This is especially important when the jewelry has no hallmarks or maker’s marks.

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