Dating email contact database

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Dating email contact database

And unlike services like Uber or Seamless, if you have a bad time, there’s no way for you to give feedback on a bad experience.

We created Dating Ring after years of bad luck on dating websites.

Deborah Gage says she ignores most pitches she gets.

Get the verified contact information of those in your target industry with To make the experience better, we have now left date scheduling up to our members, and only facilitate 1-on-1 matches.By signing up with Dating Ring, you end up paying a similar price to a traditional dating website, but getting a service that is infinitely better.Cision, a journalist contact database, decided eight strategies or 10 elements were too many and came up with 6 Simple Rules for Email Pitches.But the journalists I talked to had a different take on what works – which could change how we consider the number of ways/no-fail strategies/elements/rules when it comes to writing pitches.

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Clients benefit from our CRM-ready data product that's full of direct information you need to start emailing, calling, or mailing potential leads.

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