Dating love in puerto rico Cyber sex android

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Dating love in puerto rico

MUCH LOVE and i hope we all have better luck with love in the future!! But they are many that I have meet and they seem to be the same. But I have to give mad love to all my Puertorican men out there I'm partner is Putero Rican and his wonderful... well i had a life changing experience with one for about 2 years, lets just say ouch, ouch, ouch, and not the physical. It still hurts and your story reflects some of my thoughts.I have only been with one Puertorican man in my life. although he does tend to have a big head (thinks his all that !! it pisses me off but it's just he is and we have to take the good with the bad... I wondered for the longest time,like any man any race.matter how sexy, beauty is only skin deep and that won't take you to your highest high. Dang,its funny we know what were walking into it is the exit that shadows the love from the devine truth.THis broke my heart, because he did not look like this type of person at all.I love him and always will, but he ruined a big part of my life and ill always look at guys differently, he took away my safe sense of security. BUt we are better than that, so we need to pick up our pride, because we are confident and beautiful. The worst relationship that I ever had was with a Dominican. But Puertorican men can have there up and downs specially the ones that come from the isla.....

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But most importantly, Puerto Rican parents will love you like one of their own.

If you can count on one thing, it’s that Puerto Ricans will arrive hours later to anything.

i'm puerto rican AND dominican and honey it's funny to say that both races are alike in many's stupid to hear puerto ricans criticize dominicans on the lack of socks they where or how much platanos are consumed just as much as it's equally stupid to hear dominicans criticize how puerto ricans say arros as if it sounds like they're saying ajos (RICE)even though it's funny at times lolz.still gets tiring, but i'm proud to be both just as much as i'm proud to say that i would go out with n e race.aslong as that connection, respect, and love is there.good looking out to you ma for not giving a damn what people think..1 Hi, I'm JRod, I have dated "D'' gurlz and had a great relationship. DO NOT let the ignorance of some get b'tween you and happiness.

I also have many great "D" friends, (Being a nuyorican, who don't? The main matter here is that if he RESPECTS you and treat you rite, and if you luv 'm and you're kool with that, who cares what anybody thinks.

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If there is anyone here who is Puerto Rican, dating a Dominican, or vice versa, or if there is anyone who wants to just share their opinions on this subject- I welcome you to vent here, and share your voice.