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Men of all races have long had secret sexual and romantic male relationships, complete with the usual accessories of a double life: lies, deception, and shame.

But the Down Low was a uniquely African-American creation.

This has proven to be a fair criticism, as recent studies have shown that the link is less strong than alarmed public health officials were claiming back then.

With society's expectations of women and what we are to have accomplished by a certain age: Married with 2 ½ kids in a stable home, etc., some women are bound by said expectations. Some said I had demonized black men, while others said I was “too understanding” of black men on the DL and hadn’t demonized them nearly enough.Some said the piece exaggerated the link between men on the Down Low and the increasing rates of HIV infection among black men and women.Below is a guide for those affected by a loved one on the down low.Three years ago, I wrote a story about black men who have sex with men but don't identify as gay—or even, in many cases, as bisexual.

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This woman is dating men for sake of saving face while she has a woman who loves her and patiently waits for her secret lover to come around, or out in this situation. Whether you swear by the Bible, Koran, your journal or Necole, no one can define you except YOU. How can you living your life, the one who ultimately has to answer to all ills and thrills, matter to SOCIETY, so much that you live a lie and become a stranger in your own world!

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