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Coulson gave the young man a look up and down, his eyebrows raised. Three hours later, a thin folder labeled 'Peter Parker' was handed to Coulson. Mid-twenties male, no criminal record, currently going for a bio-chemistry degree on a full scholarship. ' is from an actual conversation between myself and my best friend at IHOP.

"Summarize it for me," Coulson ordered the agent that handed him the folder. Former employment at the Daily Bugle, left because hours were interfering with his school work. And, yet again, Darcy wormed her way into my story...

Police rushed to the scene and Jarvis eventually stopped.

Officers immediately noticed his children were in the car and said he was ‘unsteady on his feet and his breath smelled of alcohol’.

Moreover, because detrital ages are preserved within stratigraphic successions, the evolution of populations of cooling ages through time and across an orogen can be reconstructed from the sedimentary record.

(2007) Single-Crystal Dating and the Detrital Record of Orogenesis, in Sedimentary Processes, Environments and Basins: A Tribute to Peter Friend (eds G. Given that detrital samples comprise minerals drawn from an entire catchment, they offer an integrated perspective that is almost always unattainable with bedrock samples.

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(This is also crossed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.) SLASHI don't even... I'm getting my Deadpool 'voice' from memory, his video game (I need to go finish that), and fanfic. This just wouldn't let me go.o Oo"And, then, your obviously unnatural waffle topping turns you into Radioactive Loganberry Man from Calliope Six! Blargh."Staring at Deadpool's companion, Coulson ignored Wade's attempt to be sociable. "That will be all.""Sir."After the agent had left, Coulson mentally steeled himself and reached for his phone. I need you to hire someone so we can subtly keep an eye on him."o Oo Time passes, as it usually did. " Darcy grinned as the elevator doors closed.o Oo A week later, yet another super-villian was trying to take over the world, starting with New York City, using his army of robots."If you're happy and you know it! " Deadpool yelled/sang as he destroyed robots left and right."Do you ever shut up!? Soon, there was nothing but scrap metal littering the ground, and the captured bad guy was driven away to a SHIELD prison facility.