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I never was so scared that my parents were going to shun or disown me—the horror stories you hear. Growing up, I had gay uncles, like every kid in America. I wait here hearing the album until he starts playing. Pitch Black Mirror is the new full length album from industrial techno veterans Orphx, co-presented by Sonic Groove (2x LP digital) and Hands (CD). Just sitting in the car in front of Robert Johnson Offenbach waiting for Headless Horseman to play. In the early days word quickly spreading as a warning to other touring bands: “Never drink with the Psychos! Philadelphia's STRAND OF OAKS (USA) is a sledgehammer of a band rife with unrestrained sonic expression who beautifully capture the loose, hedonistic vibe we’re all searching for.

We love the bright summery hue, which is perfect for highlighting a holiday glow, plus the gold chain strap detail adds a heavy dose of glamour. SWAYZE & THE GHOSTS and BABY BLUE with DJ action from DJ RAINBOW TROUT, DJ MERMAID, ANDEE FROST, GINGER LIGHT, MANCHILD, ! , JAMES “HOUND DOG” YOUNG, LARRY KRONICK JR, BT’S COUNTRY MOANINGS, THE MAYOR, ACID YOGA, BOOGIE JR. Blokes you can trust COSMIC PSYCHOS endure and re-toast their beer-soaked, bulldozer-fuelled pub anthems at every turn. Be like Bruce Doull and let your head band and freak flag fly. , THE RUMINATERS, FLOWERTRUCK, DRUG SWEAT, SUSS CUNTS, JOSHUA HEDLEY (USA), JARROW, KRAKATUA, FREYA JOSEPHINE HOLLICK, CROP TOP, RVG, GREGOR, A. Frontman Tim Showalter had a life-changing psychedelic experience that weekend so epic and affecting that it channelled itself into the song “On The Hill” on their just released album Hard Love. A Melbourne 5-piece formed in 2010, their brand of rock n roll comes with soulful delivery, pop sensibility and buzzsaw guitars - a fusion that defines many of the best punk bands. They made their way to Tallarook for their debut Boogie outing in 2014 as and blew everyone away with their harrowing rock 'n' roll transcendence and Boogie blew there minds straight back. If you stand for this too, don’t miss them at Boogie.

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With its sonic and lyrical imagery of watery depths, lost love, and transmutations, Pitch Black Mirror offers a sonic landscape that is clearly inspired by personal and social turmoil but points towards the possibility of creative of the longest active running vinyl labels in techno music.

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