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Freshman guy dating senior girl

The changes I notice most are the way I did my makeup and hair." "At the time, I honestly hated my freshman year photo.

Just remember that when you send him out your door, he's just as much hookup as you are his.Nope, you can leave those immature losers behind for a sophisticated older guy. High school guys love the first day of school because a new crop of freshmen are roaming the halls.When I started high school, it wasn’t long before many of my girlfriends had snagged themselves a junior or senior boyfriend which definitely made them cooler (and me, too, by association).Once you get to high school, a whole new world of possibilities opens up for you.Suddenly you aren’t limited to dating the boys you’ve known since kindergarten—the same ones who put gum in your hair or threw spitballs at you from across the room.

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The biggest difference that I see between the two photos, besides physical features, would be a change in mindset.