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Though the experience can be enjoyable -- we meet memorable people and learn about ourselves in the process.No matter how well-matched we are, seeing eye-to-eye on cannabis can sometimes be a deal breaker. Assuming one consumes drinks, which most people on Tinder apparently do. On Tinder, it’s pretty much the norm to include a small menu of drinks one likes to consume.No matter how attractive, attentive, intelligent and funny they are, it can be hard to make it work if they’re against weed.The dating scene has evolved quite a bit since the early 2000’s.

High There features a glossy interface and thoughtfully forces users to select their typical energy level when stoned.Today, there are virtual hangouts and dating sites that bring together people from all corners of the world, which makes it much easier to meet that perfect someone based on a specific set of criteria. Luckily, there are dating apps specifically dedicated to connecting pot patrons with marijuana mavens.They function similar to other dating sites, but with users that love weed and want to share it with a special someone.He tends to notice first “how genuine she is when we speak to each other” and also if she is “driven or outgoing” since he prefers to get active after he gets medicated instead of fall into the stoner stereotype.When on that first date he likes to smoke an Indica because he feels that they make him feel more in his body.

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Welcome back to Weed Wednesday, your weekly dose of pot news. "I never knew when or how to tell a guy I used," says marijuana-smoking matchmaker and relationship coach Sandra Harmon.

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