My white daughter dating black man british men black women dating

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My white daughter dating black man

At some point, Nike himself joined the conversation, posting screengrabs of some of the racist tweets he had received.He later posted a tweet insinuating he and Hicks agreed it would be "the mature thing to do...He was hoping once they got to know him, they would like him. Would you tell your family about your boyfriend or girlfriend, knowing that they vehemently disapprove of him or her? We got married, have two beautiful kids, blah blah, happily ever after. Do you go running back with your tail between your legs? Seeing my husband dancing with the kids makes every tear I shed worth it.Instead they disowned me when they found out we were dating. Knowing they’ve threatened to kill you or disown you if you ever brought home a black, Indian, white, Hispanic, etc boyfriend? The 3 years leading up to our wedding were so incredibly hard. I can honestly say I could not see that image at the end of the tunnel during that tumultuous point of my life.

(Very telling comments.) How odd that you are disappointed thst your daughter seems more willing to look at a person's charecter and not just how much melain one has or doesn't have. There are different cultural issues and some things like possibly raising children are harder when you are a mixed race couple. That’s when you’re not sure if love really does win over everything. Was I ready to give up my family to be with a person I had only known for 3 years? On holidays, my husband convinced me-no guilted me, not that it was his intention-to call my parents. Every call ended with me sobbing, ugly crying on my couch. Each phone call to my parents was really about hope. I didn’t become an engineer or a doctor or a computer geek. When my extended family and my sister finally convinced them to attend our wedding (a mere month before the event), my father didn’t look happy. I think they hoped I would eventually leave my husband if they held out. Even in my darkest moments, my husband was always there for me. He would then hold me tight and whisper how sorry he was he made me call them. If I give them just one more chance, they’ll come around. They won’t tell me what a disappointment I am to them. By this point, my mom was just happy to be able to see me and talk to me. to end the relationship" so that she wouldn't be kicked out of her home.The tweets and his account have since been deleted.

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This coming August, my husband and I celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. Our journey the past 15 years (that’s how long we’ve known each other) wasn’t always easy.