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--Contacts ------------------------------------------------------------------ Inquiries and questions can be sent to my e-mail: doughnutpond(at)To facilitate my response, please state the version of Persona you play in the subject line like this: P3P Male: Trouble with Hierophant OR P3P Female: Trouble with Hierophant OR P4: Trouble with Hierophant OR P3Fes: Trouble with Hierophant, etc. A: No, the structure of social links are different between the male and the female MCs. A: In P3P, you can interact with some characters who represent different Arcana. The social links provide bonus EXP to the persona in the same Arcana extra EXP during fusion, giving the player some edge in battles. reaching rank 10), the social link character will present you a special item which unlocks an ultimate persona in the corresponding arcana. A: This guide provides an introduction to the social links only. Regardless if youre new or experienced, read the Important things section before starting.

| | | | Goals: | | All Missable Covered (Items, Requests, Etc..

Version 0.70 Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 3 Portable ####### ######## ######## # # # # # # # # ######## ####### ######## # # # # # # # ######## # This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Alan Quirino (grayfox2510 (at) gmail (dot) com), 2010. 1) If you see anything that looks like my guide somewhere else, and you think it was stolen without my permission, please let me know. 2) As of currently, I am not allowing any other sites besides Game FAQs to host my guides. Also, under the odds that you are granted permission, please check regularly the following link for updates. Today you can invite Mitsuru for an Academics Boost. You shouldn't really have much trouble at all with this | | fight. If you select the two for Fusion and Dia doesn't appear, simply back out and select both again. Request 07: Retrieve 1 Lead Medal Available Since: May 10 Available Until: -- Reward: Toy Bow "Defeat the Wealth Hand, a rare monster in the 1st block, Thebel, to retrieve 1 Lead Medal." These are a bother.

IGN being a possible exception from time to time, but otherwise, I'm afraid I must decline your offers under most circumstances. that have free permission to host my guides are: Game (Remember kids, Game Spot is sort of an affiliate of, so they link directly, and thus, they are ok with me) (Though they are from time to time) Neo 3) If sending an inquiry about this game, be sure to put, at the very least, "Persona 3 Portable" in the title, just to help me sort my mail. August 31 - For the last day of the month, you can invite Ken. He should be dead by the second Giga Spark, if not by the | | first, even. Basically, go around Thebel, and hope you see a golden Shadow. If you try to rush it, it will just run away and eventually disappear in a cloud of smoke.

That is, obvious questions or information you could easily reach in here might not be answered. Added the Special Fusion Combination to aid in getting those tricky Personas easier. - Version 0.15 - Filesize: 145,259 Bytes (141 KBs) Date: July 23, 2010 Started. I was slightly surprised when I saw the NA announcement, but hey. Request 10: Retrieve 3 Snake Scale Available Since: June 13 Available Until: July 5 Reward: 46,000yen "Defeat the Lustful Snakes in the 2nd block, Arqa, that are surrounded by a red glow to retrieve 3 Snake Scales." You've probably seen those Shadows surrounded by a red glow.

I normally still answer almost every mail (Yeah, I'm a good person), though that's not 100% of all cases. Walkthrough up to July 6, have a good chunk of SL down. Since I had never played P3 before (just recently became a fan of SMT), it worked perfect for me. Try to find some anywhere in the 2nd block to get these items.

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--Disclaimer----------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright (C) 2010 Penguin Knight. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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