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The obvious question to ask first is why does the installation of updates even require a restart at all?

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Opearating System: Windows Vista Also, I don't really know how to do a System Restore and am concerned I will loose all my files.

I updated fully previous time Now when i copy-paste the steam file from ' Backup' to ' C:\Program Files' it still needs update.

How can i start steam without update or have to update small like 20 mb(i dont wanna download 90 mb. If you copied your old Back Up files, Steam won't overwrite them, just Update them.

Before the Internet, updates such as service packs and "patches" were impossibly hard to come by.

You ordered upgrade "media" or maybe bought a magazine with a CD in it. In fact, when was first set up, among the first services was the ability to get updates for MS-DOS and Windows.

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With the introduction of Windows Update, we invested heavily in building not just a software delivery service, but a commitment to delivering high quality updates in a timely manner.