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"Text search in the PDF preview source/preview synchronization based on Jérôme Laurens’ Sync Te X technology" Don't be fooled by its beta status. As noted, Sumatra PDF is probably the best solution.Alternatively, look for pdfopen and pdfclose which can be set to automatically close the pdf file before you compile the Te X file and then reopen it. Finally, some versions of Reader (e.g., 6) running on some versions of Windows allow you to reopen your pdf file at the position you closed it by hitting Alt-left arrow.The Server field in the Viewer section of the Profiles window (ALT F7) has to be changed to Acro View R15.It has to be done for all profiles in Te Xnic Center that use PDF, e.g.Or use a latex editor with a preview window on the right. Every time you compile, the preview window updates.Moreover, you can see your code and output in the same screen, which is nice. The tex files, when opened in other text-editors, do have the text changed. Did you run latex or pdflatex on the file after you changed it? Am I supposed to this manually every time I change the files? The project generates output as it is, but, if I make any changes in the files, the output is the same.

If Mi KTe X or Te X Live is installed the Output Wizard can configure the profiles almost without user interaction.Someone already suggested Sumatra PDF, but I had some rendering issues with it, although it is quite fast.Currently I'm using KDE's Okular for Windows as well (admittedly you need to install a bit of extra KDE libraries, but still is much less than the dreaded Acrobat Reader).* Fixed Bug #319: Titlebar does not update on project creation.Consistent frame title regarding files and projects.

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