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Updating embedded files dtp

As a desktop publishing program, In Design provides that capabilities to quickly integrate text with images including (Photoshop), (Illustrator), .eps, and files.Unlike many word processing programs, In Design does not embed images in the document by default. This saves space as you working on the document and allows you to quickly change the image in its native editing program such as Photoshop or Illustrator.This saves you from having to search for the text when it comes time to print your documents, and you are confident the documents contain the latest, most accurate information.Any changes you make to the text in the original document appears in all documents where the text is linked.

Status of this Memo This memo is the official specification of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP). The following new optional commands are included in this edition of the specification: CDUP (Change to Parent Directory), SMNT (Structure Mount), STOU (Store Unique), RMD (Remove Directory), MKD (Make Directory), PWD (Print Directory), and SYST (System).This paper assumes knowledge of the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) [2] and the Telnet Protocol [3].These documents are contained in the ARPA-Internet protocol handbook [1].Once an image has been modified, you will need to update the image before In Design can print it as a high-resolution image.The link panel makes it easy to relink, modify and update images.

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If you frequently insert the same block of text in many documents and this text is occasionally updated, you may want to consider inserting the text as a link.

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