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"Feeding tube, adult 'briefs,' sponge baths, over 20 medications, physical therapy, turning him every 2 hrs to prevent bed sores, etc.," she wrote on a Go Fund Me page. But when he woke up, Matt couldn't remember the past three years, including his marriage and the death of his father.

Matt Davis has been in a rehabilitation program and has made "drastic" progress in learning to walk again, Danielle Davis wrote on the He has struggled to regain his long-term memory, however, and is unable to remember her from before the crash.

A bad first date For Alison, the night of her seizure is a blur. "It wasn't really a date." They treaded side-by-side on the elliptical machines and talked.

Currently live in Austin Texas but travel quite a bit.

He may not remember dating or marrying his wife, but as Matt Davis said in a recent interview with ABC News, "I'm sure glad I married her." Danielle Davis said she set up the Go Fund Me to help cover costs as he continues his rehabilitation so her husband can reach "his full potential." Click here for more information.

Cincinnati (CNN) -- As he cradled his wife's limp body in his arms, Tim Delgado told himself, "You have to do this." The fate of Alison, his wife, best friend and medical school classmate, depended on it.

He’s a Jack Russell, he’s 10 now, and he doesn’t disagree with me about anything, so that makes him the perfect friend.

It hails from my school days and it seems to be the usual shortening of Laurence. releasing an album, which I’ve done with Holding Patterns. I like Cyril a lot and I’d like him to be my best friend (as well as my dog). sitting next to my wife, watching telly, taking it easy with a glass of wine and a Thai chilli and basil stir-fry chicken.

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His young bride was given the devastating news that there was a 90 percent chance he would never wake up from the coma.