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As of 2016, Ohm plays multiplayer games such as Dead by Daylight, Rainbow Six: Siege, Garry's Mod, and plenty of others with a wide array of other You Tubers such as Gassy Mexican, Sea Nanners, Vanoss Gaming, H2O Delirious, Chilled Chaos, and less commonly nowadays Pew Die Pie.His most recent group consists of H2O Delirious, Cartoonz and Gorillaphent, and many four player sessions usually include them.However, in February 2014, Williams announced that he and Elliot had split up.On his public Facebook page, Cory announced that his wife Kristen had given birth to their daughter Chell Marie Williams on June 23, 2016, at pm local time.Williams had previously been filming comedy sketches in his younger years.

Apparently that includes the existence of gay people?

The primary characteristic of Ohm is his anonymity; despite efforts to collect more details about him, he has not confirmed any presented evidence, nor have thumbnail artists kept a consistent character design for him (which contrasts H2O Delirious's blue sweater and hockey mask).

All we are shown is his logo and username; his reason for this is to avoid living a life of fame, as he is content with producing and playing without the real world attention.

Family issues caused by his parents spliting up and both getting with people who didn't want to deal with kids caused him to move out while he was a teenager in Chicago, which put him on the street.

Though he continued to attend high school, the stress of his home life eventually lead to him dropping out and he has never desired to pursue a diploma or GED, despite getting into college with a high school equivalency exam; he graduated in 2013 with high honors and a degree in Business and Administration.

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” A few hours after the likes of Green and Oakley began drawing attention to the filter, You Tube tweeted that it was “so proud to represent LGBTQ voices on our platform,” and that Restricted Mode was intended to “filter out mature content for the tiny subset of users who want a more limited experience.” The statement says that some LGBTQ content is available with the filter on, but not some “videos that discuss more sensitive issues.” “We regret any confusion this has caused and are looking into your concerns,” the statement adds.

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